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The OSHA is a government agency in the USA. It is the state’s labor department that administers the agency. it is this department that makes laws regarding how to keep an healthy environment. More than ninety million Americans spend more than ten hours in their place of work.
In 1970, there were no workplace safety and protection standards for health hazards for workers. From 1970, OSHA has reduced the overall injury and illness rates at workplaces considerably. As a result there has been a substantial reduction in the number of lung disease cases in the trenching, textile and excavation industries. OSHA covers all employees and their employers who are working under Federal Government authority. Self-employed people are however not covered by this act.

As a result, the state has developed many OSHA training in order to help prevent illness and injuries at the places of work. However, most of the time, people don’t know about the courses that are most appropriate for them. are you looking to be trained in any OSHA safety course? This course is for those in the construction industry and it only takes between 30 to 10 hours. These courses train the workers in the basic concepts of safety and health at workplace. Over the past three years, the number of people who have received this training have increased to 1.6 million.

Among all the States, seven of them have made it a requirement for all contractors and employers in the construction industry to take this course. Once you’ve finished the training you will get an Outreach card. Having an OSHA card is a plus for any employee despite the sector of the economy where one is working, The OSHA certificate can also add to be something to add to your resume, even if the sector you are working for does not require it. Moreover, it is good to understand that only 10 to 30 hrs are required in order to be able to get an outreach card.

You can also consider OSHA trainer certification courses. OSHA training courses helps you to become a certified trainer in the 10 or 30 hour Outreach training and because of this certificate you will be able to train other employees. There is a test to be done at the end of the training that requires to be passed by 70%.

However, the problem is in finding a good training center. There are thousands of training institutes across the nation. However, for those that cannot attend a classroom for any reason, they should be able to do online classes.

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