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How to Reduce the Effects of Urinary Incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is a problem that has affected millions of people. This condition affects women mostly. It is a situation where you accidentally leak urine. Very embarrassing is what this scenario is about as it happens in any place. Urinary incontinence types are quite many. Stress incontinence happens as the pressure on the bladder increases. Urge incontinence is the one that happens out of the overactive bladder.

Someone that you know with this condition or yourself can be helped by some self-helps tips. They may help in relieving the symptoms through a few lifestyle changes. The main cure to these exercises are the pelvic floor exercises. They reduce the urine leakage to a very high extent. You can realize great results by doing the pelvic floor exercises. Making strong of the pelvic floor muscle is made possible through activities like of sharing heavy loads. You can drink enough amount of water and eat the right fruits to strengthen your muscles.

You are put at a high level of incontinence through smoking. The reason for this is that coughing strains your pelvic floor muscles. When you quit smoking the pelvic muscles can then be at a position where they are strong to handle the condition. To keep your body fit, physical exercises are good. With the incontinence condition however, you will need to do the right exercises. The exercises of high impact puts pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. This is what might end up increasing the urine leakage. Sit ups are also very common exercises. They are however not good with this condition as they weaken the pelvic muscles.

Lifting heavy objects my damage your pelvic floor muscles. It is advisable to first tighten you pelvic muscles before you can do any lifting. You will have to cut on caffeine however good it is. It irritates the bladder thus making the condition worse. Some of the drinks that contain caffeine are coffee, tea, green tea, fizzy among others. You can do the replacement of the drinks with fruit teas if not water.

It is essential to set and stay at a healthy weight. Obesity is a cause for this condition. There is weakening of the pelvic floor muscles when you are overweight. Incontinence is what this causes. The fatty tissue forming on the bladder is the reason for this. You can recover from you normal condition after losing the excess weight. To check whether you have the right healthy weight you can check your BMI.

Kegel exercises helps a lot to defeat this condition. You squeeze and relax the pelvic floor muscle in the exercise. It helps you to maintaining a lifelong control of the bladder. The natural supports of the urethra can be damaged through childbirth and therefore this exercise is very important.

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