4 Reasons a Home May Develop a Water Leak

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A small leak will sink a great ship”, and the same applies to pipe leaks in the home. If left untreated, a minor water leak can create serious health risks and costly messes. However, if it’s caught early, most issues are easily prevented. In this guide, homeowners and customers will learn the most common reasons for pipe leaks, as well as some tips on keeping those leaks from ‘sinking’ the home.

Pipe Corrosion

There are numerous reasons why a home’s water pipes start to corrode. There may be a water quality issue or chemical reaction, or the pipes could simply be past their prime. No matter the reason, if there’s corrosion or rust on the pipes and it’s accompanied by leaks, have it evaluated by a licensed, professional plumber before the issue gets worse.

Movement and Degradation

Over time, the home may shift and move. The foundation might settle, moving everything that rests above it, and the movement will show in the pipes as well. Pipe separation causes leaks inside the walls. If there are water stains on the walls, get a plumber to address them right away, as major damage can result.

Water Pressure Worries

Most plumbing fixtures and pipes are meant to withstand a range of pressure fluctuations. However, if the water pressure is too high, the pipes may leak and crack. If water pressure is inconsistent, an evaluation from a plumbing professional can help the homeowner save money, time, and hassle in the future.

Clogs and Slow Drains

Pipe clogs are a part of homeownership. Grease, hair, toys, and other things can cause pipe leaks if they’re left unaddressed. At first, drains may work slowly, but over time, the pipes below may start leaking. When these leaks aren’t treated, big problems can result. If there’s a clog in the kitchen or bathroom, call today.

Diligently caring for the home’s plumbing, and having a reliable plumber on call, can help homeowners ensure the above issues won’t cause severe damage later. If a customer suspects any of these problems, they can call today to schedule a professional evaluation.